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“Yoga is a remarkably effective ‘unlearning’ process. We have to unlearn our negative thought systems, our emotional patterns of moving, breathing & eating so we can come back to our own naturalness.”
Baron Baptiste


Alice’s adventures in yoga

Hi I’m Alice Bell, I first got into yoga because I wanted to improve my flexibility but I soon learnt that yoga was about much more.  I realised that on a physical level yoga was about finding harmony in the body – you don’t want flexibility without strength (or vice versa) – and that by using the postures (asanas) to discipline my physical body, I noticed I also created balance energetically and mentally.  I discovered that when breath (pranayama) is used in conjunction with the postures (asanas) I could calm my mind (much needed) whilst opening energy channels in my body.  As my yoga journey developed I realised the physical practice also works on the internal body by massaging, stretching and stimulating the internal organs, keeping the cardiovascular system oxygenated and stimulating the endocrine and nervous system too.  Amazing, right?

As a yogini I have discovered that yoga is beyond the physical , it’s what we learn about ourselves on the mat that we can bring into the other areas of our lives.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down.”

I completed Sivananda Yoga and Yoga Bugs teacher training courses in 2006 and a Yoga London teacher training course and fertility, pregnancy and mum and baby training with Yoga Gro in 2015.  Inbetween I taught some adult and children classes but was mainly a full-time primary school (Nursery) teacher.  Now I have listened to my heart and decided to spread my love of yoga to all ages and stages of life full-time.  Come and join me on the mat soon and begin your adventure.


  • Diploma: London Contemporary Dance School – June 1993
  • Degree: BA HONs Performing Arts (Dance – Alexander Technique based movement) – 1996
  • PGCE (Primary) – 2007
    • CPD: Improving teaching and learning in PSED – 2010
    • CPD: Makaton Training (Sign & Symbol communication) – 2011
    • CPD: Phase one Phonics – 2011
    • CPD: Read Write Inc Phonics training –2012
    • CPD: Outstanding progression in the Early Years – 2012
    • CPD: Rapid Progress in Early writing – 2013
    • CPD: Research Project – Communication in the Early Years – 2014
  • Sivananda Teacher training (200 hours) – 2006
  • Yoga Bugs Children’s Yoga training – 2006
    • CPD: Finding balance in an unbalanced world – Max Strom – 2014
    • CPD: Yin and Yang Yoga – Simon Low – 2014
  • Yoga London Teacher Training (200 hours) – 2015
  • Yoga Gro – Pregnancy, Postnatal and mum & baby yoga Training (80 hours) – 2015
  • Yoga Bananas – Children’s Yoga Training (80 Hours) – 2015
    • CPD: Enchanted Wonder: Enhancing children’s expression – Ayala Homossany – 2015
    • CPD: Restorative yoga – Roger Cole – 2015
    • CPD: The science of Pranayama – Roger Cole – 2015


CPD = Continuing Professional Development

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