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Vinyasa Flow – Some yoga experience ideal

Yoga Chiswick and HorshamVinyasna (breath synchronised movement) flow develops endurance, strength, balance and flexibility not only for the body but for the mind as well.

A strong and fairly fast paced class which gracefully harmonises fluid movements and longer held postures with the breath.

Slow flow – All levels

yoga Chisiwck and HorshamSlow flow is an integral part of a well balanced yoga practice. In a slower paced nourishing practice awareness and benefits are gained that don’t come as easily in a faster paced Vinyasa.

A gentler class that combines active postures and Vinyasa flow with Restorative yoga.

Restorative – Monthly

yoga Chiswick and HorshamSometimes relaxation needs to be learned and scheduled into our lives. The benefits of taking time for yourself are immeasurable.

First flow through a gentle asana practice stretching out your muscles before letting it all the tension go and indulging in a calming restorative postures for the second half of the session

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