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Children’s Yoga – 5ys – 7yrs

Children's yoga in Horsham and ChiswickYoga for children is a fun and creative way for children to develop important skills in a non-competitive environment. Unfortunately children often feel pressure at school academically and socially. It is easy for girls and boys to become overly self-critical, and lose confidence in themselves as they grow and change. Yoga is a great remedy; there is no judgment in a yoga class about how a child does a pose or plays a game. Doing a pose ‘perfectly’ is not the aim of yoga, which nurtures a child’s inner strength and self acceptance.

In a nourishing atmosphere children are encouraged to relax and have fun. They develop not only strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and body awareness but also better focus, concentration, and self confidence. Imagination and curiosity are nurtured too.

“I define creativity as the entire process by which ideas are generated, developed and transformed into value. It comprises what people commonly mean by innovation and entrepreneurship“
John Kao - Author and strategic advisor
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