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Yogabell: Mum and baby – 6 weeks after giving birth (after postnatal check up), until crawling

Specialist class with yoga for mothers and fun for babies, to allow you to nurture yourself while you are with your baby. Helping to foster a sense of well-being, alleviate aches and pains, combat fatigue and re-tone muscles.

The postnatal period is one of adjustment and great change. During this special time, mums and babies can enjoy this specially designed classes.

Yoga for mothers & babies is beneficial for both of you. These classes will aid your postnatal recovery through specifically adapted postures, helping to foster a sense of well-being, alleviate aches & pains, combat fatigue & re-tone muscles.

By spending quality and nurturing time bonding with your baby though fun and play you can promote a sense of deep sense of security, well-being & calm, whilst increasing bodily awareness & alertness in baby.

Physical benefits

For baby:

  • Baby given intensive physical activity in a short amount of time (equal to what they would receive if you handled and carried them all day)
  • Increased activity helps baby to sleep more deeply
  • Baby’s behaviour will become more settled
  • Movements strengthen baby’s spine and help develop supple joints

For mum:

  • Encouraging physical & emotional postnatal healing
  • Helps to improve posture
  • Strengthens the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Releases tension in shoulders and neck muscle


For baby:

  • All of baby’s bodily systems are stimulated including digestive and nervous systems
  • Enhance baby’s developments in a fun way

For mum:

  • Decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation
  • Balancing and harmonizing body systems

Psychological benefits

For baby:

  • Enhanced communication between you and baby
  • Helps to heal any birth trauma and equips baby to better deal with shocks
  • Increased ability to deal with future challenges through enjoyments of yoga’s positive stresses
  • By receiving high quality attention baby learns to interact with others and play actively

For mum:

  • Re-energising & Restoring
  • Rejuvenates the mind and increases energy
  • Builds patience and inner-calm
  • Brings fun and pleasure to both parent and baby
  • Provides an opportunity to connect with other parents
  • Creates a safe environment to bond with baby

Please note

  • Classes can be started when the baby is about six weeks, if there are no complications, up until crawling
  • If you have had a Caesarean, please seek your doctor’s advice before attending.
  • Please bring anything you need for the comfort of your baby (towel, cushion etc)
  • All yoga props are provided.
  • Classes can get full, so please book.

When to practise

It is important to rest initially. The first 6 weeks after birth are a time for bonding with the baby and for the mother to recover. By the end of the first eight weeks of the postnatal period, women should be ready to return to their regular practice, but it is important to listen to what the body is ready to do. Women with a yoga practice prior to pregnancy should be careful and not rush back into their usual yoga practice.

Consult your GP for advice on when to resume practising. Our postnatal classes are a great way to get back into shape without needing a babysitter.

Bring your little one along for some parent-baby bonding and be part of a community of local parents.

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