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Pregnancy – from week 13 until birth

Pregnancy yoga in Horsham and ChisiwckPractising yoga throughout your pregnancy is a wonderful gift for both yourself and your unborn baby. Pregnancy Yoga courses offer the opportunity to stay fit and active in a safe environment during pregnancy and will help you be in the best possible mental & physical shape for birth and beyond!

Including gentle movements to release tension, aches and pains, as well as some more challenging postures to build stamina and strength, helping the body adapt to all the changes taking place physically and mentally. Breathing and meditation techniques will be included to calm the nervous system, improve sleep and prepare for labour. These classes provide a nurturing environment for expectant mothers, as well as an occasion to meet other mothers-to-be.

Benefit of yoga during pregnancy

  • Postures and exercises  designed to help develop flexibility and strength in your body, boost energy levels and promote relaxation and restful sleep
  • Breathing practices that can support the many changes taking place both physically and emotionally
  •  Strengthening postures that build stamina for the labour
  • Yoga stretches which create space within the body for the growing baby creating more comfort for mum
  • Preventing and dealing with common pregnancy related ailments such as heartburn, sciatica, swollen joints and backache
  • Deep relaxation at the end for nourishment of mother and baby leaving you positive, empowered, relaxed and informed about your pregnancy and birth

All the practices are designed to be comfortable, enjoyable and safe for you and baby.


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